Mrs Mokerski, PreK Teacher



Mrs Murphy, PreK Paraprofessional



  • Children who are 4years of age by August 1st in the year of enrollment can register for our PreK program.

  • Our school day is from 7:40am to 2:50pm Monday through Friday

  • The PreK fee will be determined from the Best in Class Program Sliding Scale

  • All PreK student are welcome to enroll in our Encore program

    • Parents must show proof of income to qualify

    • AM Encore begins at 6:45am

    • PM Encore goes from 3-4pm

    • Late Encore students must be picked up by 4:50pm

    • PM Encore student will receive a snack and milk

  • PreK students will receive free breakfast and lunch

  • PreK students do have rest time. Please provide a blanket or towel large enough for your child to use during this time.

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