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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Emerado Public School has school-wide internet access. The internet allows users to access to, not only an enormous amount of information, but also a wide variety of information. There may be times when students will be allowed to explore the internet on their own. Emerado School does have a content filter on our internet service, but sometimes material that is not suitable for school, or the students age level, does get through. These are the categories that we have filtered: Adult content, Drug use, Alcohol and drinking, pornography, explicit content, web- based e-mail, hacking, spyware, malicious codes, cheating, chat, hate groups, gangs, terrorist, gambling, peer-2-peer sharing (e.g. Limewire), Social networks (e.g. Facebook), and any sites which have elements of these categories. However, even with these blocks in place, there is still the possibility that inappropriate material can get through and be accessed. We understand that mistakes happen, but if a student is found to have deliberately searched for and/or accessed inappropriate sites, tells other students how to access inappropriate sites, or purposely works around the internet filter, they will be subject to punishment. If a student chooses to use school equipment for inappropriate uses, their punishment can include: loss of internet use for a specific time period; loss of internet access for the remainder of the school year; loss of access to school equipment or a reduction of the amount of school equipment permitted to the student; possible suspension from school; or involvement of law enforcement.

Emerado School feels it is advisable to establish rules for the use of the equipment and resources that are available. Even with the filters and restrictive software used, the school does not guarantee that all undesirable material will be blocked.

• Acceptable Use-Students may use that internet in accordance with school policy and to supplement their educational experience.

• Non-Acceptable Use-The following practices are not permitted: Searching, viewing, or retrieving materials that are not related to school topics and fall under the categories listed above. Sexually explicit, profane, violence promoting, or the promotion of alcohol or illegal substances or practices are all topics which violate the AUP. Stalking, Harassing, or “Cyber-Bullying” is also a violation of the AUP and is punishable under North Dakota law.

• Exceptions-Teachers may grant exceptions to some of the block categories when used under direct supervision of the teacher and permission of the Principal and/or Tech. Coordinator.

• Copyright/Intellectual Property-Students and teachers will adhere to the copyright laws and fair use practices governing material and information off of the internet. Copying another persons work off the internet or out of a printed source constitutes plagiarism. The offending participants will fail the assigned project and face possible suspension. The use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sites is strictly forbidden as it not only violates copyright laws, but can also damage/infect computers and other equipment with dangerous programs and viruses.

• Reliability and/or responsibility-Emerado Public School makes no warranties about information found on the internet. Use of the information obtained is at the user’s own risk.

• Consequences of Misuse-Violations of this policy may result in suspension or revocation of a student’s access to the internet; denial of use of school computer equipment; and in extreme cases, suspension or possible expulsion.

• Misuse of Equipment-Emerado School has computers and computer equipment for students to use during the school day. This equipment belongs to the school. If a student is found to be deliberately mistreating the equipment, or ignoring the proper handling of the equipment, they will lose the privilege of using the equipment. This includes deleting installed programs, or other students work. If a student damaged a piece of equipment due to their actions, they may be held responsible for its replacement. If a student purposely destroys a piece of school equipment, they will be charged with vandalism and be responsible to replace the piece of equipment.

• Use of Personal Equipment-If a student uses personal equipment during the school day to access restricted sites or material (e.g. Using a 4G/3G enabled phone/tablet to post to Facebook) they will not only be subjected to School discipline, but their Parents/Guardian will be required to come to the School to get the piece or equipment. The student will not be able to reclaim the confiscated equipment. The school has no liability for personal equipment if it is damaged, lost, or stolen. Cell Phones, MP3 Players, tablets, or hand held Video game systems should be left at home and are brought to school at the owners own risk.

Parent/Guardian signature on this policy indicates that you have read and understand the terns and conditions of this policy. I understand that my student(s) will be expected to follow the guidelines for internet and equipment usage at school, or will not be allowed to access the internet or use school equipment. (Not signing the AUP does not exempt a student from its restrictions)

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