Emerado School Celebrates Teachers: Ms. Dalby
Emerado School Celebrates Teachers: Ms. Dalby
Sara Bilden
Monday, May 14 2018

Ms. Mariah Dalby has been working at Emerado School this year as a resident teacher at UND. She is dedicated conscientious and meticulous. Even though this is her first year teaching, she has impressed everyone with her insights and strategies to help students. Mariah is kind and friendly to everyone she meets or works with at school. She is and hard working always willing to do extra behind the scenes and never taking credit for it. Ms. Dalby is great at tackling unexpected issues with a calm demeanor and an ease and grace that belies the difficult of the  situation. Mariah is a team player and a go getter. We have greatly appreciated her help and will miss her when she moves on to Minto school next year. 

Ms. Dalby is inspired by her parents as well as Ellen DeGeneres because she is hilarious and kind and generous. She loves math and would love to study it more. When she was in elementary school she wanted to be an optometrist when she grew up. Mariah is passionate about helping others and has a special talent for hanging on to things like birthday cards forever. One of the things she is most proud of is graduating from college. On her bucket list are a trip to Bora Bora, swimming with dolphins, a Steelers game at the Heinz, and visiting Rockefeller Center in New York. Some of Ms. Dalby’s favorite things include Twix, Hawaiian pizza, the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”, scarves, pineapple, going to the lake and the color dark gray. 

Ms. Dalby is a valued member of the Emerado School team. She is a dedicated and patient teacher. We have been so impressed with her strong work ethic and caring spirit. If you see her around, please thank her for her service to our school and community.