Mrs. Mokerski's News 5/11/18
Mrs. Mokerski's News 5/11/18
Sara Bilden
Tuesday, May 15 2018

 Pre-K children read stories with teachers and by themselves.  A very favorite this spring has been ABIYOYO a storysong by Pete Seeger.  The tale of how a father with his magic wand and a boy with his music triumph over the giant Abiyoyo is based on a South African lullaby and folk story.  It is good for them to read and re-read many times as it helps them retain and be able to read/tell the story themselves.  I have multiple copies of this story and they  like to follow along themselves and/or with a partner.

ND Standards:  Language and Literacy LL 1. Students read a variety of literature and informational texts. Key Ideas and Details LL.1.1 Recall and retell information from a book with attention to the main events or major ideas. 

~ Select specific details in a story and repeats them. ~ Complete a sentence that repeats itself in a familiar story. ~ Represent stories told or read aloud through various media or during play. ~ Imitate the language in storybooks (e.g., repetitive language patterns, sound effects, and words from familiar stories).

Pre-K Activity plans are available for reviewing at the following