Emerado School Celebrates Teachers: Ms. Hoadley
Emerado School Celebrates Teachers: Ms. Hoadley
Sara Bilden
Friday, May 11 2018

Ms. Alison Hoadley had been teaching at Emerado School for one year. She previously worked in the Grand Forks School District as a resident teacher. Here at Emerado she works with both special needs students as well as general education students. Ali has given generously of her free time to take on extra work for the school. She has taken on new projects for our middle school students with enthusiasm and is alway looking for more ideas to engage students in further learning opportunities. She has been a great resource for all of the staff, and treats all students and colleagues with utmost care. Students have grown and blossomed this year under her attention. The staff is especially fond of Ms. Hoadley’s students’ new coffee shop. 

Ms. Hoadley is inspired by her parents who are extremely hard workers and always caring for others. She wishes she could have spent time with her grandpa who died before she was born. He was a British soldier during WWII and lived and spent time in many countries. When she was little, she was torn between becoming a nurse or a teacher when she grew up. She was born in Canada and is a genius at pop culture trivia. On her bucket list are going on an African safari, traveling with her family, visiting Ireland, and becoming a mom one day. Some of Ali’s favorite things include twirlers, Harry Potter, Hawaiian pizza, hiking, milkshakes, podcasts, and the color light blue. 

Ms. Hoadley is a valued member of the Emerado School. She is a gentle and loving teacher who invests herself in student relationships. If you see her out and about please thank her for her dedication to our students and our school.