Emerado Public School Celebrates Teachers: Mr. Porath
Emerado Public School Celebrates Teachers: Mr. Porath
Sara Bilden
Friday, April 13, 2018

Mr. Greg Porath has worked for Emerado School for the past 19 years. He has taught language arts and is more recently taking on STEM projects. He has taken our middle school science department by storm with his passion for sharing STEM projects and STEM experiences with the students. He was even chosen to attend Space Camp this summer with an Emerado student courtesy of Northrup Grumman. Mr. Porath is continually researching new ideas and opportunities to learn for his students and himself. He does a fantastic job of helping students put on events like dances, and he takes the graduating class on a class trip every year. Students appreciate his efforts and know that he cares about them and their education. 

When Mr. Porath was in elementary school, he wanted to be a clown when he grew up. He loves history and finding out the stories behind events. Someday he would like to travel to Europe and Ireland and visit their historical sites. Mr. Porath is proud when he can get a student who didn’t like to read loving reading. He is a great cook, enjoys fencing, and costume themed events. Greg is also talented at creating balloon animals the students and community members love, and he is also a connoisseur of anything mythical or legendary. Some of his favorite things include: Garth Brooks, The Princess Bride, garbage pizza, riding bike, nachos, singing, and the color black. 

Mr. Greg Porath is a valued member of the Emerado School team. His loyalty, work ethic and passion for STEM learning are much admired by staff and community members. If you see him out and about, please thank him for his dedication to our school and our students.